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Yes, you can boost your Mac with Blackmagic's external GPU. But it's so, so not worth it.

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Blackmagic eGPU

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The Good
Super quiet • Pass-through charging for MacBooks with USB-C

The Bad
Expensive • Non-replaceable graphics processor • Many apps aren't optimized for eGPU • Most apps don't support hot-plugging • eGPU support for macOS High Sierra and Mojave varies • Included Thunderbolt 3 cable is really short

The Bottom Line
Blackmagic's eGPU is worth considering if you wanna give your Mac a graphics boost, but only if you have all the right equipment and don't mind going through trial and error to see if your apps will benefit from it.

Mashable Score2.0

Cool Factor2.0

Learning Curve1.0


Bang for the Buck2.0

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