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What is a vibe check anyway?

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Everything is happening so much. 

The ice caps are melting at an alarming pace. Trust in democracy is crumbling, the bees are dying, and everything you love ends up being problematic. 

Overwhelmed by the sheer weight of existence? Vibe check. 

The phrase "vibe check" has a multitude of definitions, because nobody can really narrow it down to one concise explanation. According to the first definition on Urban Dictionary, a vibe check is a "spontaneous and usually random time where someone checks your vibe." It's supposed to be a pleasant experience, like a check-in from a friend.

The second definition is a 180: "A vibe check is a time where you're about to deck someone with your fists or another blunt object while you're on a vibe or when they say some stupid shit."  Read more...

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