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This new smartphone satire is like 'Fleabag' for wannabe influencers

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Be honest: How many actual human beings know you better than your phone does?

Even your best friend doesn't see the messages you type, then delete; the photos that never make it to Instagram; the over-the-line tweets in your Drafts folder; the things you shouldn't have to Google, but do anyway. Imagine you accidentally left your Screen Record on for even 15 minutes and then watched it back — what would it reveal about you?

That's the premise of Content, a new Australian comedy web series from ABC TV that (mostly) manages to transcend the string of buzzwords that form its elevator pitch: "the world's first vertical comedy set on a phone". It's part of the still-nascent "screen life" genre, which includes movies like 2018's Searching and the Unfriended films, which take place entirely on computer screens.  Read more...

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