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The 15 best horror movies currently streaming on Netflix

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Looking to ruin your evening? Then do we have good news for you! 

From old frights to new fears, we've scoured Netflix's horror catalog to find the best cinematic nightmares for darkening your device. No Bird Box or Cult of Chucky here. Just the good stuff.

Ranked from least to most absolutely wild, here are 15 of the best scary movies currently streaming on Netflix — because you don't need to sleep ever again. 

Happy haunting!

15. Scream (1996)

If you don't love Scream, then you haven't seen Scream. 

The first installment in a franchise that will never die, this 1996 slasher chronicles the misadventures of a group of teenagers attempting to outsmart a blood-thirsty killer. The ghost mask! Drew Barrymore's wig! Actual telephones! What a world.  Read more...

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