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Snap goes 3D with Spectacles 3, coming this fall

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Snap announced the third generation of its smart glasses, Spectacles 3. 

The new Spectacles, which are coming this fall and can be pre-ordered now at, differ a lot from the second-gen version, which were mostly an incremental upgrade. 

The new Spectacles 3 are equipped with two HD cameras and can record 3D, 60 fps, first-person video. From there, you'll be able to wirelessly sync those videos (and photos) to your phone, and adorn them with a suite of Snapchat's 3D effects. 

New Spectacles come with a leather case that doubles as a charger." data-micro="1" sizes=" 950px" srcset=" 950w">

New Spectacles come with a leather case that doubles as a charger.

Image: Snap

The photos are taken in a 1,642x1,642 pixel resolution, while the videos are recorded at a 1,216x1,216 pixel resolution. This is significantly lower than the resolution of photos and videos you’d take with a modern phone; for comparison, the iPhone XS’ main camera takes 4,032x3,024 pixel photos. Read more...

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