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Boost your skincare routine with these Foreo devices

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In case you missed it, Foreo, a Swedish beauty tech company, experienced a glitch during Black Friday which resulted in its UFO face mask device being listed for $9.90 even though it retails for $279. It was supposed to be 40% off, at $167.40.

The company lost $10 million during this two-hour period and honored all of the devices that were purchased at $9.90.

The UFO is back on sale right now, though it's definitely not as good of a deal as you could have scored if you had been on the site during the glitch. It's currently $80 off, dropping the price down to $199, which is still a pretty good dealForeo's Luna Mini 2 facial cleansing brush is also on sale right now, saving you $20. Read more...

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