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A nice watering can will trick you into feeling like you're good at plant care

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You've probably heard the overused adage "dress for the job you want." I've mostly used it as an excuse to buy clothes, but there is some truth to it: Studies show that formalizing your work attire a little can improve focus and even make you feel more confident. 

Even if you don't want to change your work wardrobe, it can be both useful and enjoyable to apply the phrase's logic to other parts of your life, ones that you wouldn't mind making a little fancier. Let's say you want to fill your apartment with plants, for instance, but can't seem to remember to water them. Instead of caring for your leafy adoptees with a sake glass you brought home from a restaurant and sometimes use to drink wine, what if you bought an actual, just-for-plants watering can?  Read more...

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