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Women of the tech world march for their companies and their causes

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Hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, and the night before 1 million women marched on Washington, Lauren Schulte knew she had to figure out how her tech company would navigate America's new future. 

"We're going to do some stuff and we're not going to be quiet," Schulte, the co-founder of Flex, a Y Combinator startup that produces a tampon alternative, told a group of her peers from Silicon Valley during dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant in Capitol Hill. 

It would be hard to find Silicon Valley founders and staffers more attuned to the risks of the Trump administration than the ones who gathered with Schulte in D.C. on Friday night. In town for the Women's March on Washington, the 18 women and one man all worked in some way on women’s health — a growing segment of the tech industry and an area under continued threat by attacks on reproductive rights and the impending repeal of the Affordable Care Act.     Read more...

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