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It's war: Tech companies square off against the government

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Apple v. FBI. Uber and Lyft v. Austin. Google v. FTC. Facebook v. Senate. 

Those are just a few of the brewing battles in what is becoming an all-out war between tech companies and the governments that try to regulate them. 

On this week's episode of Biz Please, we run through that list and then talk to Bradley Tusk, one of the leading lobbyists for tech companies and a person who has spent time on both sides of the issue.

Tusk's résumé is as distinguished as it is varied. He is the former deputy governor of Illinois, served as the campaign manager for Michael Bloomberg's run for a third term as governor of New York City, and most recently the founded Tusk Strategies, where he's worked with companies like Google, Walmart, AT&T, Uber and many more. Read more...

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