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This all-in-1 gimbal camera from DJI helps you take better photos, videos

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TL;DR: Snag the Osmo Pocket from the Mashable Shop on sale for $319, down from $349.

Be honest: how many of the photos and videos you take on vacation actually make it to your social media feed? Those tipsy clips are probably too shaky to ever see the light of day. As advanced as your smartphone is, it still can't combat the jitteriness of your drunken hands.

DJI gets it, which is why they made the Osmo Pocket, a genius gimbal stabilizer with a built-in 4K camera. Whether you're ziplining in the mountains, horseback riding on the beach, exploring a new area via bicycle, or just had a few too many margaritas, it helps you capture smooth, stabilized photo and video with ease. Read more...

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