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Kim Kardashian attempts to break Snapchat by face-swapping with inventor of face-swapping

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Kim Kardashian does not simply face swap with anyone. Kim Kardashian face-swaps with the greats — blood relatives, Kanye West and the inventor of face swapping.

Kim stopped by the Snapchat offices on Tuesday and made sure she documented her entire visit — on Snapchat, of course.

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While at the office, Kim got the royal Snapchat treatment, complete with her very own custom filters and a chance to meet the founder of the face swap feature we all adore so much.">


Image: kim kardashian/snapchat">


Image: kim kardashian/snapchat

As you can see, Kim was extremely excited to be in the presence of Snapchat greatness. And because she's Kim Kardashian, she couldn't leave the office without achieving the ultimate face swap — a face swap with the face swap creator himself. And what is a Kardashian Snapstory without a dog filter? Read more...

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