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Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and more are standing up for bullied kid Keaton Jones

Odeslat dumed on Videa - By now, you've probably seen the name Keaton Jones or #StandWithKeaton, regarding the Tennessee boy whose video about his terrible bullying experience went pretty viral this weekend. The heartbreaking video, in which Jones describes how he's bullied in school, created an instant outpouring of
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How one of your favorite animated characters got her voice

Odeslat dumed on Videa - John Roberts is a voiceover actor most famous for his character Linda Belcher on FOX's Bob's Burgers. Roberts imitated his Brooklyn-born mother in comedy videos on YouTubeBob's Burgers creator Loren Bouchard took note and turned the character into Linda. Learn more about the life of a voiceove
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2012 segment on sexual harassment with Matt Lauer will make you rage scream into the void

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Hours after Matt Lauer was fired from NBC for "inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace," The Daily Show resurfaced an old Today Show "joke" segment where Matt Lauer accuses a colleague of sexual harassment, and it'll make you want to rage scream into the void.The "Rossen Report" clip, shared
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Alec Baldwin's Trump is haunted by Michael Flynn in 'SNL's' Christmas Carol' cold open

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Saturday Night Live decked the halls with the ghosts of Donald Trump's presidency in tonight's yuletide cold open, and Alec Baldwin was right there for the Dickensian reckoning.There's evidently not much to celebrate around the White House this Christmas, what with former National Security Adviser
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Tragedy strikes the American Girl Store on 'SNL,' but everyone is fixated on this one dude

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Saturday Night Live checked in with shoppers after an underground gas main exploded at a Phoenix American Girl Store, and boy were they shaken up.Reporter Ben Hartley (Kenan Thompson) spoke with customers Debbie Pritchard, a mother shopping with her daughter (played by Lady Bird’s Saoirs
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'Game of Thrones' murderous Red Wedding banger gets a beautiful dance treatment

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Game of Thrones and its music have gotten plenty of covers, from violins and vocals to instrumentals from around the world, and at least one kooky Kanye mashup... but we haven't seen as much dancing – until now. Dancers Geatali Tampy and Priya Lupita Shah teamed up to perform a haunting duet
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Rollerblades have gone electric

Odeslat dumed on Videa - These motorized 'RocketSkates' are basically the hoverboard of roller skates.  Read more...More about Videos, Video, Mashable Video, Real Time Video, and Realtime
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Pizza in space clearly means well but looks pretty disgusting

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Getting to explore space sounds pretty darn cool, but the experience comes with many sacrifices. Sure, time away from family must be rough, but one of the most heartbreaking losses is having to leave delicious pizza behind on Earth.Paolo Nespoli‏, an Italian astronaut who's currently orbiting
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Mom tries out VR, ends up cuddling a doggy butt IRL

Odeslat dumed on Videa - While experiencing the thrills of virtual reality, this mom got a bit overwhelmed and reached for her dog to comfort her.Unfortunately, the VR headset prevented her from seeing the dog, which means she grabbed the wrong end and wound up nuzzling her face into a cute, little doggy booty for a minute
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Watch this Mark Hamill 'Star Wars' interview – from 1976

Odeslat dumed on Videa - A new video of Mark Hamill has surfaced – or rather, an old video. So old, in fact, that it predates the release of the first Star Wars movie.Hamill and Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz visited WorldCon's MidAmeriCon in 1976 to talk about their bizarre and ambitious upcoming picture. They're wel
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Junior league goalie scores on empty net and everyone absolutely loses their minds

Odeslat dumed on Videa - When a hockey player scores on an opponent's empty net, there's typically a tempered celebration. The game is over, the win is sealed — everyone can relax.When that scoring hockey player is a goalie, however, you gotta sound the hell off like its the best goal you've ever seen in your entire
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150,000-domino setup celebrates 'Super Mario Odyssey' in stunning fashion

Odeslat dumed on Videa - YouTuber TheDominoKing is back with an impressive new domino video, this time celebrating the release of Super Mario Odyssey with a whopping 148,777 dominoes.The individual domino creations include Mario and friends, Cappy, Bowser, captured enemies, and even some of Mario's 2D renditions throughout
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Coffee Meets Bagel adds video to help you find your match

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How To Spring Clean Your Fridge

Odeslat mariettava on Videa - Take out all the removable parts of the fridge, such as the shelves and the drawers.
5. While the shelf is out, spray the area inside of the fridge with No-Rinse Green Clean and wipe with a good clean dry cloth. Do you find out how to clean refrigerator shelves?
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Inside Rudimentary Criteria In diamond engagement rings

Odeslat anonymous on Videa - This stone was utilized to find out the facts behind clouded emotions in the points during the Ancient Egypt and Greece.
But they make sure that you just look at the buyers guide properly.
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Download Outlook 2007

Odeslat modestaten on Videa - Select "More Settings" and navigate to the "Outgoing Server" tab.
Before you're able to look at Outlook Express email on another computer, you should enable it. Routing email through Gmail to Outlook simplifies your life by enabling you to handle all your email a single place.
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Firefighters capture video of 'fire tornado' in Portugal

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Both wildfires and tornadoes are pretty terrifying things by themselves, but together? Next level.During the most recent deadly wildfire that broke out in central Portugal on Oct. 6, local firefighters managed to capture the natural phenomenon known as a "fire tornado" or "fire whirl."The fires, wh
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Social Media: Get Attention And Increase

Odeslat anonymous on Videa - What's the prߋblem ɑnyway - why prevent a pc, or bot, from using a website anyԝay.
Ƭhe one silver lining is that tһіs arms race іs that it deals with making machines think lіke people ԝhich іs thus strengthening the drive to produce artificial intelligence.
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Core Details Of diamond engagement rings - An Intro

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This stone was applied to determine the reality behind clouded emotions in the points in the Ancient Egypt and Greece.
Gold could also be used as plating on the silver jewelry.
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Barclays Dream Account Login

Odeslat albertina4 on Videa - A variety of other research analysts in addition have issued reports on EQR.
The biometrics technology depends upon customer voiceprints built up within the course of at the very least two phone calls while using bank. The shares were acquired with an average tariff of $17.
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