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If you want to feel sad today you can revisit some 'Stranger Things' deaths in new video

Odeslat dumed on Videa - On Friday the 13th, apropos of nothing, Netflix shared a video mourning the Stranger Things 2 deaths that still haunt us: Bob Newby (Sean Astin) and Mews the cat.It turns out that Bob and Mews are together, wherever they are, and that they've done some soul searching and come to terms with their vi
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Mark Zuckerberg admits his personal data was compromised by 'malicious' actors

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Dude escapes from jail Indiana Jones style by ducking under a closing door

Odeslat dumed on Videa - It's something straight out of an Indiana Jones movie: guy is captured, guy gets out of his restraints, ducks under a closing door, and guy manages to escape. Except, it's from an actual video released by the Porter County Sheriff's Department. Michael Maldonado was arrested on Monday dur
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Allungamento del pene, Aumentare dimensioni pene - Aumentare le dimensioni del pene

Odeslat apito on Videa - Classifica delle compresse per l'ingrandimento del pene 2018 - controlla quali prodotti a nostro avviso sono i migliori per l'ingrandimento del pene. Benvenuto!
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This machine can solve a Rubik's Cube faster than you can blink

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Humans may have gotten pretty adept at solving Rubik's Cubes, but as usual, the machines are coming for us! This machine, invented by Ben Katz and Jared Di Carlo (humans!) can solve a Rubik's Cube in roughly half the time of the previous world record, and they claim it can "definitely go faster."A
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Yes — this weird, wearable neckband could be the future of cameras

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Capture every moment along the way with the new FITT360, a wearable 360° camera. Read more...More about Tech, Videos, Video, Film, and Photography
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This woman is cooking with her mouth and the internet isn't having it

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Nathan Ceddia filmed a cooking tutorial using just her mouth after hearing about numerous cooking injuries. Instead of using knives, Ceddia chewed up the ingredients and spit them back out. The internet reacted grossly to the video.  Read more...More about Watercooler, Twitter, Video, Film, an
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Justin Timberlake and Ellen team up to make Super Bowl selfie kid cry

Odeslat dumed on Videa - What's better than becoming a famous meme after taking a selfie with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl? Going on The Ellen DeGeneres show and having The Man of the Woods casually call you up to chat.Less than a week after 13-year-old Ryan McKenna won the Super Bowl halftime show with his Timberla
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Odeslat anonymous on Videa - Second Tip - Be careful about your eating methods. Is that there something yet work also?
The best care products which could make your skin clearer, smoother, and younger looking are accessible researched within the net. I've seen that video but they portrayed it very badly installed.
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How your favorite TV shows get their props

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Todd Daniels is a prop master for such TV shows as Arrested Development, Lady Dynamite, Key and Peele, and Workaholics. It's a challenging job, in which Daniels thrives as a self-proclaimed "jack of all trades, master of none."Learn more about the life of a prop master in our new series, Supporting
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Odeslat anonymous on Videa - When you have an email address, there is always a potential for receiving a message from someone you need to do not wish to.
Email programs that are used to organize and compose messages typically have a very folder option which is used for spam or junk.
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An ode to this soothing YouTube channel where a woman calmly makes everything she needs

Odeslat dumed on Videa - If you need to just relax and peacefully zone out while watching someone be silently capable, I have the YouTube channel for you. 李子柒, very roughly translated as Seven Plums, is a newer YouTube channel that features a Chinese woman calmly, confidently creating everything s
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Please enjoy this dramatic reading of the nonsense Harry Potter book written by a bot

Odeslat dumed on Videa - In December, some truly magical minds at Botnik created a predictive keyboard versed in Harry Potter. The bot wrote an entire book chapter composed entirely of predictive text, and it was glorious. Now there's a dramatic reading – complete with delightfully deranged visuals from Jamie Loftus
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Dolly Parton responds to Adele's Twitter tribute with heartfelt message

Odeslat dumed on Videa - The Dolly Parton/Adele friendship is real, folks.On Tuesday, Adele got dressed up and paid tribute to the legendary country singer in a cheery Twitter post.SEE ALSO: 10 albums turning 10 years old in 2018"The effortless Queen of song, Dolly Parton!" she wrote. "We love you! We wish we could possess
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We know you're excited Eagles fans, but watch where you're going

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Eagles fans are notoriously messy when it comes to public jubilation, and Sunday night was no exception.SEE ALSO: Philadelphia greased poles to stop Eagles fans from climbing them. It didn't work.After the Eagles' win 38-7 over the Minnesota Vikings, which landed them a spot in Super Bowl LII, Phil
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Dudes try, and fail repeatedly, to snowboard

Odeslat dumed on Videa - The best parts of any vacation with your friends are the shared laughs and fond memories you make. Especially if those shared laughs are caught on video.A couple of mates here are shown against a picturesque winter landscape, ready to channel their inner Shaun White. The only problem? They never ma
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Even Twitter is trying to be like camera-friendly Snapchat now

Odeslat dumed on Videa - Another company is cribbing off Snapchat. And for once, it's not Facebook.Twitter is reportedly working on a feature that mimics Snapchat's camera-centered design. According to Bloomberg, the new design would eliminate steps for Twitter users who want to post photos and videos, which they hope will
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CNN throws in the towel on Casey Neistat and Beme

Odeslat dumed on Videa - UPDATE: Jan. 25, 2018, 1:03 p.m. EST This piece has been updated after Casey Neistat removed his video announcing his split with CNN.Almost two years ago, CNN made a blockbuster move to bring in one of YouTube's biggest stars with the dream of making a next-generation news outlet for young people.O
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bitcoin price charts live

Odeslat anonymous on Videa - bitcoin amount today cash out bitcoin gold bitcoin shop london best bitcoin trader uk where to get bitcoins reddit
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Comcast Xfinity Sign In

Odeslat anonymous on Videa - To be absorbed through the body, B12 must bind to a protein called 'intrinsic factor' Now they believe that homeschooling can give more real-time learning opportunities You will get excellent battery back-up plan in case there is an electricity outage Nowadays, product packages like Comcast Xfinity
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