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The beloved AirPods Pro are on sale again at Amazon

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - The beloved AirPods Pro are on sale again at Amazon" />

TL;DR: Although it's a small discount, you can get a pair of AirPods Pro for $14 off on Amazon — they aren't in stock yet, but you can lock-in that low price right now.

We're honestly pretty surprised, but Apple's new noise-canceling AirPods Pro have a small discount again.

While they aren't currently in stock, you can still secure $14 off the high-quality earbuds as soon as... well, right now. Just don't expect them to come in time for the holidays — if you were planning on getting them as a gift for someone else, you're better off grabbing them directly from Apple (though we could be wrong, just an educated guess). Otherwise, you can get, like, a nice lunch or something with that extra $14.  Read more...

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