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Mini microscopes on sale that will make your inner nerd very happy

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We live in a beautiful world — and not just because there's a Coldplay song that says so, but because there's an endless bounty of natural wonder that we're constantly surrounded by. Sometimes, all it takes is a little switch in our perspective to help us see it: because after all, the human eye is limited, even when our creativity and imagination might be vast. 

These incredible microscopes add a little bit of extra wonder to the world we already see with our bare eyes (plus, they're all on sale). Check them out below:

uHandy Smartphone & Tablet Microscope Kit" data-fragment="m!ccf0" data-image="" data-micro="1">

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This innovative kit includes both hi-mag and lo-mag lenses that you can attach to your phone or tablet, so you can magnify samples of the natural world in stunning, crisp resolution. The lo-lens light captures textures up to 120x in ambient lighting, while the hi-mag lens lets you view ultra-detailed structures up to 360x. Rediscover your inner scientist as you observe plants, animals, aquatic creatures and more in detail, and keep a clear record of all your findings with the included stickers and album notes.  Read more...

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