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Video ad fraud has been draining phone batteries

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - When is a banner ad not a banner ad? When it's a hidden video ad generating fraudulent advertising revenue while draining your phone battery and using your valuable data allowance.As BuzzFeed reports, it's been discovered that in-app banner ads have been hijacked on a massive scale to generate reve
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Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Mixed Reality headset on sale at Amazon

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Gaming is always a relatively expensive hobby, but most of us were hoping that the newest Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch was as pricey as things were gonna get.But then virtual reality entered the picture and $500 became the new $300.While the HTC Vive may literally never have a decent sale
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Virtual reality meditation is a thing — and it's actually good

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - March Mindfulness is our new series that examines the explosive growth in mindfulness and meditation technology — culminating in Mashable's groundbreaking competitive meditation bracket contest. Because March shouldn't be all madness. Read more...FlowVR$3.99 for the Oculus Go appView ProductT
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Transit officials checked out Elon Musk's tunnel and tried very hard not to mock it

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Virginia transit officials don’t seem very impressed with Elon Musk’s tunnel and they had a very hard time trying to hide it.The state’s public transit subcommittee is in talks to invest billions of dollars to upgrade its transportation systems. However, the board was worried that
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5 bizarre facts about Elizabeth Holmes 'The Inventor' left out

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Here at Mashable, the Elizabeth Holmes obsession could not be stronger. We've read the book, listened to the podcast, watched both of the documentaries — and have been wearing nothing but black turtlenecks for the past six days. (Okay, not really on that last part, but we have been blink
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5 cheap online courses that could help you land a job in AI

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - These days, pundits galore are proselytizing about the Future of Work. Depending on who you ask, the robots may or may not be taking over, leaving us mere humans pondering how work fits into our lives and whether we’re going to be eventually rendered obsolete.Just look at the stark contrast i
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Pinterest throws subtle shade at Facebook in IPO filing

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Pinterest is not happy with Facebook. The forgotten middle child of the social media family filed for an IPO on March 22, and in doing so the San Francisco-based company made a very public argument that its future is bright. That is, if Facebook doesn't screw things up for it first. Burie
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Huawei CFO was carrying an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air when she was arrested

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - It's bad enough Huawei Chief Financial Official Wanzhou Meng, who was arrested last December in Vancouver on charges ranging from fraud to money laundering, faces decades of jail time.But now, a report from Bloomberg has revealed Meng might be a big fan of Apple products. SEE ALSO: Huawei anno
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Save $300 on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar at Amazon

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - If you’ve been dying to get your hands on an Apple MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, but haven’t wanted to fork over cash for the full price, you’re in luck — the 15-inch MacBook Pro is on sale for $2,499, a savings of $300.This MacBook Pro model is equipped with an Intel Core i
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This LG OLED TV is the cheapest we've ever seen it at $700 off

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Editor's note: Mashable and PCMag are both owned by Ziff Davis.Listen, maybe you don’t necessarily need a new TV just yet. Yes, we know you don’t want to be tempted to blow your savings, but just trust us here. Once in a while, a deal comes around that you simply cannot refuse. Let us e
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These 10 Amazon Alexa skills are more weird than useful

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is a lot of different things at once. To some people, it's a useful tool that makes daily household life significantly more convenient. To others, it's a bit invasive and creepy to have something listening to all of your conversations at home. One thing most
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Tesla revives its referral program, but it’s a shadow of its former self

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Back in February, Tesla cut its customer referral program due to how much it was costing the company.Elon Musk announced on Thursday that the program is back, but the incentives are admittedly much, much slimmer than they used to be.SEE ALSO: Ex-Tesla employees allegedly stole trade secrets in a ri
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How to stream Apple's March 25 streaming service announcement

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - One of the worst-kept secrets in tech over the past year or so is that Apple is gearing up to launch a video streaming service akin to Netflix. It's one of the few services Apple doesn't offer at this point, so the news is hardly a surprise.Still, Apple hasn't officially announced it just yet.
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Facebook stored passwords in plain text for hundreds of millions of users

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Hundreds of millions of Facebook users’ passwords were stored in plain text, completely searchable by Facebook employees for years.Some users had their passwords stored in plain text as early as 2012, according to a senior Facebook source who spoke to KrebsOnSecurity. The source, speaking on
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Panasonic Lumix LX100 II Review: A fantastic point-and-shoot for a steep price

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Panasonic Lumix LX100 II Review$999.99View ProductThe GoodFast autofocus • VersatileThe BadNon-adjustable touchscreen • Hefty price tagThe Bottom LineThe Panasonic Lumix LX100 II is a very good point-and-shoot that offers compelling quality, but at a steep price.⚡ Mashable Score3.
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Jack Dorsey is recruiting his own personal bitcoin posse

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - If reporting directly to an eccentric billionaire and getting paid in bitcoin sounds like your cup of tea, then does Jack Dorsey have an offer for you. On March 20, the CEO of both Twitter and Square made use of the former to announce a new and very specific job opportunity in the land of cryp
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These 10 Google Chrome extensions will make your life easier

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - One of the best and worst things about Google Chrome is the amount of browser extensions you can find in the Chrome store. It's the best because it gives users almost limitless ways to improve their Chrome experience, but also it's the worst because you might not know how many great extensions you'
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Website secretly livestreamed 1,600 unwitting hotel guests for paying members

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - No, you're not being paranoid. Four individuals have been arrested for a scheme allegedly involving spy cams in 42 motel rooms across South Korea and the livestreaming of up to 1,600 unwitting guests. The intended audience, however, was much larger than just those four — a website broadc
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Save $700 on this Sony 70-inch 4K TV *and* get a $350 Dell gift card with purchase

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - If you’ve been waiting for a sign to upgrade your entertainment system, this is it. Dell is offering a discounted price on a Sony 70-inch LED 4K Smart TV and throwing in a gift card when you purchase the TV. Dell is basically paying you to shop.Right now you can get the Sony XBR70X830F UHD 70
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Google to start offering alternative browsers and search engines to Android users in the EU

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Android users in the EU will soon be offered a choice of browsers and alternative search engines on their devices, Google announced on Tuesday. The announcement is unsurprising, given the European Commission (EC) slapped Google with a record $5 billion fine in July 2018 for stifling browser an
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