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Save 39% on the Sky TV and Fibre Unlimited package in this flash sale

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - January is well known to be a great time to pick up a deal, but we often overlook broadband packages, and we can't figure out why.Broadband deals might not generate quite the same buzz as other deals we see in January, but that doesn't mean there aren't some great opportunities to save out there. A
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Too lazy to get groceries? This self-driving car will bring a tiny supermarket to you.

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - We're delivery obsessed. It's OK, we can admit it. Between Amazon Prime, Postmates, Grubhub, Uber Eats, on-campus "snackbots," and all the self-driving grocery delivery vans bringing us pizza, Walmart orders, and more, you rarely have to go to the store. But an autonomous vehicle company is ta
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Elon Musk does the math on another massive tunnel

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Could yet another Elon Musk project in Australia have blossomed on Twitter? Probably not, but he's quoted $1 billion AUD for it anyway.The Tesla CEO responded to a tweet from Australian politician Jeremy Buckingham, who reached out to Musk about solving traffic congestion in Sydney with a tunn
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Elon Musk makes it more expensive to own a Tesla

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk abruptly ended sales of the lowest-priced Tesla Model S and X cars. Now, this week he's slashing more with the end of Tesla's customer referral program.The eccentric billionaire tweeted Wednesday night that as of Feb. 1, the program that gave referred Tesla buyers free
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Defeat hackers and become a cyber security specialist for just £12.99

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Keeping you guys informed is a big responsibility, whether it's concerning a new deal or an upcoming event, but we believe that it's our job to make sure you are in the know.Well, there's a deal you should know about, and an event, too. They go hand in hand, in fact. So listen up. Data Protect
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Next version of Android might finally get a dark theme

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Programmers, night owls and dark lords have been asking for a system-wide dark theme on Android since forever, and it seems Google has finally listened. Android Q, which is currently in the very early stages, has a built-in dark theme — and several other interesting new features —
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Microsoft is dropping a lot of money to help improve affordable housing in Seattle

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Where the tech sector has boomed, affordable housing has suffered.Now, Microsoft is following other tech giants in wanting to be part of the solution, announcing a $500 million fund targeting homelessness and affordable housing in Seattle on Wednesday.SEE ALSO: This cyborg houseplant can automatica
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The sad story of an alleged SIM swapper who boosted millions

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - You probably shouldn't feel sorry for Nicholas Truglia. It's just that his story is so pathetic.The 21-year old Manhattan resident was arrested last November and extradited to California in December. There, he'd face 21 felony counts relating to accusations of SIM swapping his way to a million doll
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Amazon upgrades Alexa with newscaster voice

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - If you're in the US and ask Alexa to reel off the latest news today through your smart speaker, she's going to sound a bit more professional than on previous days. That's because Amazon performed an upgrade and gave her a professional newscaster speaking style for conveying such information.As Tech
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Google Assistant-supported speakers were a hot item at CES 2019 — and this one's on sale

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - This year is already shaping up to be a big one for Google, with its new (and abundant) updates to the voice-activated Google Assistant creating a Shamu-sized splash at CES 2019. Among these upgrades are a new Interpreter mode that translates languages in real-time, better punctuation and auto-repl
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This powerful electric toothbrush is an affordable alternative to Sonicare, and it's on sale

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Gym attendance always spikes this time of year as people attempt to make good on their New Year's resolutions to get healthier. But you know what we should *really* be doing instead? Brushing our teeth more often. Maintaining good dental hygiene does your whole body good. Besides freshening yo
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One of Samsung's best-selling curved monitors is on sale for $90 off

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - If you're still attempting to work on flat computer monitor, WYD?Whether you're aiming to get that salary raise in 2019 or are just trying to beat that kid from across the ocean on Fortnite, a productivity-upping curved monitor is calling your name — and you can grab Samsung's well-revie
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The government says smartphones are too expensive

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - It's no secret that premium smartphones are selling for fatter and fatter stacks of cash these days. Now, the government is saying that's a problem — but not for the reason you might think.The Federal Trade Commission brought an antitrust suit against chip-maker Qualcomm in 2017, and it's jus
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Verizon is testing a Netflix-style gaming service that features the latest hits

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - We're fast approaching the moment when expensive hardware will no longer be the deciding factor in which video games you can and can't play. And it looks like Verizon wants to be one of the first contenders aiming to disrupt an entrenched market.Leaked emails and images indicate that the company ha
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Save 50% on online training for project managers and cybersecurity pros

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Whether you're the head honcho of your own business or a team member within a large corporation, one thing's for sure: If you're not constantly improving your expertise and qualifications, you can't grow professionally. Your career is sort of like a great white shark in that way — if it stops
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AI tech can identify genetic disorders from a person's face

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - The AI reviews a photo of a patient's face and proposes a list of ten possible rare genetic disorders. The tech has even outperformed clinicians Read more...More about Tech, Science, Mashable Video, Artificial Intelligence, and Ai
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Playstation 4 approaching 100 million units sold worldwide

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - The console launched in 2013 and has been beating its competitors in unit sales ever since. Read more...More about Gaming, Mashable Video, Culture, Playstation 4, and Playstation
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This waste-to-energy plant doubles as a ski slope

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Copenhagen’s waste-to-energy power plant lets you ski on its roof, while it converts 400,000 tons of trash into electricity and heating. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, Copenhill hosts one of the world's largest artificial ski slopes. It will soon be welcoming guests to hit its slopes with o
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Facebook tackles fake news in the UK with a new fact-checking service

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - Facebook is partnering up with Full Fact, a British charitable organization that focuses on fact-checking, to get rid of fake news in the UK, the company announced Friday.This is a continuation of Facebook's efforts to combat fake news, which the company ramped up after the 2016 election, but it's
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This flexible smartphone unfolds to become a 7.8-inch tablet

Odeslat serjoža on Věda a technika - At this year's CES, we got a closer look at the Royole FlexPai, the world's first foldable smartphone-tablet hybrid. In October 2018, the Chinese company beat Samsung to launching the world's first flexible phone. FlexPai costs around $1,300Samsung is also planning to launch its own foldable phone.
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