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Meet the young woman behind the 'chinstagram' trend

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Michelle Liu, otherwise known as 'Chinchelle',  is 'chinning' all over the world. Read more...More about Travel, Instagram, Funny, Mashable Video, and Trends
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Twitter shares its roadmap to curb abuse

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Twitter prides itself on being "what's happening," but unfortunately for the company's users, what's frequently happening is unchecked harassment. CEO Jack Dorsey apparently has plans to change all that, and today put forth a roadmap for curbing abuse on the social media platform. In an Oct. 1
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Obsessively checking social media during a crisis might harm your mental health

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Survivors of three recent disasters — the northern California fires, the Las Vegas mass shooting, and Hurricane Maria — used social media and texting as lifelines to connect with loved ones, seek aid, and search for the latest developments. A new study, however, suggests that peopl
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The internet is very confused by Ariana Grande's album cover

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Twitter is hilariously attempting to recreate Ariana Grande's album cover for 'My Everything.' The challenge started when @McJesse on Twitter questioned just how Grande balanced her entire body on a small stool. Other people followed after, posting photos of them trying the same pose. Read more...M
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If you want to grow your business, start by increasing your social media following

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.You've seen the job listings: "we're looking for a social media rockstar..." Social media is driving huge amounts of revenue for companies across industries, and the job market is reflect
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Sorry, but you just can't erase yourself from the internet

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Our data is being collected constantly, and unfortunately, many people don't know exactly what is being tracked our how its being used. Cybersecurity expert Ondrej Krehel explains how escaping the grasps of giant tech companies is a little more complicated that simply deleting your social media acc
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Twitter explains why Rose McGowan's account got suspended

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Twitter is finally breaking its silence on why Rose McGowan was temporarily suspended from its platform.The actress — who has been vocal about Harvey Weinstein amid dozens of other women alleging he sexual harassed and assaulted them — announced on Instagram Wednesday night that Twitter
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In Australia, sometimes you've got to pick a shark out of a pool

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Australia might have a lot of sharks, but we try not to mess with them.Not so for Melissa Hatheier from Sydney, Australia, who picked up a one-metre shark from a rock pool and placed it back into the ocean.SEE ALSO: Save animals from drowning in your pool with the help of this tiny rampThe video wa
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Facebook launches profile picture frame to celebrate International Day of the Girl

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - It's high time girls around the world got some extra recognition, and Facebook is working to help make that happen.Facebook has created a special profile picture frame in honor of Oct. 11, which marks International Day of the Girl — a day meant to inspire people to work toward advancing the r
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Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for that awkward VR tour of Puerto Rico

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Mark Zuckerberg has apologized, in a Facebook comment, for his recent virtual reality tour of Puerto Rico. The Facebook CEO used the VR session to discuss Facebook's relief efforts for Puerto Rico, which is recovering from Hurricane Maria, but his smiling avatar superimposed over the island's
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Soon, you'll be able to bookmark tweets to read later

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Twitter, the social network that redefined the term "information overload," is working on a feature that'll make it easier to bookmark those cool tweets that deserve a second look. Announced by several key Twitter employees, including product VP Keith Coleman, the new feature could be called "
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Hurricane Nate becomes fourth hurricane to hit the U.S. in 6 weeks

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Hurricane Nate is here.The storm made its second landfall outside of Biloxi, Mississippi on Sunday morning. It's the first hurricane to do so in that state since Hurricane Katrina, the Associated Press reports. SEE ALSO: How to prepare for natural disastersNate landed at the mouth of the Missi
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PSA: Instagram polls are NOT anonymous

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - In the latest update for Instagram, the app rolled out a polling feature in its Snapchat clone, which allows a user to ask their followers to vote between two choices.While polls aren't groundbreaking on social media, (Twitter rolled out polls in 2015), there is one thing different about Instagram
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Woman Instagrams her catcallers to prove an important point

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Anyone who's experienced catcalling knows how uncomfortable the experience can be — but one woman has found a way to bring more attention to it. Last month, Noa Jansma, a 20 year old from Amsterdam, ran a social experiment where she takes selfies with her catcallers and exposes them on a
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Taking selfies with sloths sounds cute, but you could be supporting poachers

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - There's a dark side to animal selfies. Although most people aren't interested in harming wild critters, the watchdog organization World Animal Protection says that Instagram selfies taken with animals are contributing to eco-tourism companies who poach wild animals (including sloths and crocod
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NPR accidentally posts about a cat on its Facebook, now people want more of the cat

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Accidentally posting personal stuff onto a work page is every social media manager's worst nightmare.This time, after the last few days, it came as a moment of relief. On Monday, an NPR staffer's accidental Facebook post went viral, amassing more than 20,000 reactions at the time of writing. It con
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A troll explains why he tweeted a fake 'missing dad' picture from the Las Vegas shooting

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - It's a sad state of affairs when it has become routine to see hoaxes and fake news doing the rounds during big breaking news stories. And the latest shooting in Las Vegas is no exception. SEE ALSO: Never believe any breaking report on Twitter naming this comedian as the attackerOne particular
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Don't send a girl you've never met a drawing you've made of her face

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - If there's one thing women can all agree on, it's that we don't like being internet stalked. And yet certain men never seem to get the message.Take it from Natalie Steinbrink. She was recently Tindstagrammed — when someone from Tinder finds you on Instagram and slides into your DMs. But the "
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Make a giant career change into digital marketing for just $20

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.The good news: social media and digital marketing can unlock massive conversion and revenue, taking your business to the next level of success. The not-so-good news: managing your own personal webs
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This camera prints out customizable sticker photos

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Polaroid created this updated instant camera that lets you save your photos digitally and print multiple copies of your sticker photos to share with friends. Read more...More about Photography, Photos, Mashable Video, Social, and Friends
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