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Instagram influencers are utter nonsense, and Fyre Fest proves it

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - If you spend a lot of time on social media, then you've probably heard about music and culture event Fyre Festival — the exclusive Bahamas getaway all the pretty people were headed to this week. If Coachella was for the plebs, Fyre Festival was supposedly for the truly cool.@rose_bertram: "Ma
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Twitter trolls Trump's anti-immigrant hotline with calls about space aliens

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Seen a space alien lately? Maybe you should tell Donald Trump about it. On Wednesday, his administration unveiled  the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office, or VOICE, which gave out a hotline number for those impacted by "criminal aliens." (Back to that in a second.)SEE ALSO: Tw
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U.S. embassies are promoting Mar-a-Lago online and people are pissed

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Several embassies of the United States would like you to know about Mar-a-Lago. The one in the United Kingdom is promoting Trump's extravagant resort on its website. The one in Albania, meanwhile, is promoting the place on its Facebook page. Have you heard of Mar-a-Lago? Perhaps you have. Mar-
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Obama is back and he thinks we should be more careful with our selfies

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Obama is back, baby, and oh boy did he have a lot to say about selfies and social media.The beloved 44th president of the United States and hip AF dad stopped by the University of Chicago on Monday afternoon to a.) torture us by asking, "what's been going on while I've been gone?" and b.) deliver h
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The small corner of Reddit where people share their darkest secrets

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Somewhere in the world, a man is sat behind a computer screen telling a group of strangers his most shameful secret.The story is long, but the details are thin. At some point when he was 15, he writes, he got wrongly accused of bullying a girl in his class.“We were in maths, and I accidentall
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Meet the woman who created a Google doc on how to tactical vote

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - The resistance is alive in Britain, and it's armed with a spreadsheet.A super detailed, exquisitely crafted Google spreadsheet called "How to Vote to Stop the Tories" started doing the rounds on social media almost immediately after a snap election was called last Tuesday. SEE ALSO: This woman
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This British teen standing up for gender equality is our feminist hero

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Liv Jones didn't wake up one morning and decide that she was going to be the face of teenage feminism. But with one tweet, the shy 14-year-old found herself at the forefront of an online social media movement.SEE ALSO: 13 feminists who play the Twitter game to winIt began when Liv's school dec
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Internet angrily reminds Jeff Sessions that Hawaii is, in fact, a state

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - They fly the American flag in Hawaii. You can pay for things there with U.S. currency. If you're American, don't need a passport to visit. That's because it's part of the United States of America — not that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to care. SEE ALSO: Let's all just
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Haunting is the new ghosting is the know what? We gotta stop this.

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Do you have lost loves lurking on your Instagram feed? Do you feel a spooky shiver whenever you use Snapchat? You’re probably being haunted.Yes, haunted. Basically it's when someone you’ve ended things with decides to reassert themselves into your fragile mind by watching your Instagram
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Look out, Easter Bunny, this adorable Goldendoodle could put you out of a job

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Hey, Easter Bunny: you've been put on notice.Murphy the Goldendoodle is gunning for your gig as floppy-eared distributor of colorful eggs and springtime cheer.The brown-haired Goldendoodle — part golden retriever, part poodle — recently transformed a plastic cone collar into an Easter b
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In the rapidly expanding Mastodon fediverse, there's an instance for everyone

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Burners, furries, book lovers, bots, cuties, pizza lovers — there's a place for everyone in the federated Mastodon universe.And if there isn't yet, there soon will be. SEE ALSO: Bye, Twitter. All the cool kids are migrating to Mastodon.The distributed social network Mastodon burst into t
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Of course Russian hackers were behind #SyriaHoax

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - A conspiracy theory about whether a chemical weapons attack was actually perpetrated by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad started making the rounds shortly after that tragic incident shocked the world. Surprise, surprise, now we know Russian social media posts fueled that conspiracy, according
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Kim Kardashian is, like, dropping hints that her latest sponsored Instagram is Photoshopped

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Kim Kardashian West's latest #SponCon post is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma Photoshopped into an iPhone. Kardashian West is back to endorsing Diclegis, the very same morning sickness drug that got her in trouble with the FDA two years ago. Her controversial ad campaign (runs i
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Let a stranger pick your next profile pic, seriously

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." According to a new study, that's true—and we're not very good at recognizing which of our profile pictures others will find beautiful. SEE ALSO: Trendsetters teach us how to pose for show-stopping Tinder profile photosIn a small experiment wit
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Twitter has had a dislike button for months and you didn’t notice

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - The tweet made me angry.I realized that most of this guy’s recent tweets were pissing me off. It was a shame, really, since I admired his work and was a long-time Twitter follower. But this was just too much. I decided to mute him. Mute lets you slink away without notice. Sure, it’
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'Game of Thrones' actor Lena Headey opens up about mental health on Twitter

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - When you're so used to seeing actors dressed up and in character, it's sometimes easy to forget that they're real people too.SEE ALSO: Queen Cersei praises Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech in 1 emphatic tweetLena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, has always been very honest
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Armani model and math teacher gets blasted for racist stereotypes in 'workout video'

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - You may recognise Armani model Pietro Boselli as "the world's hottest math teacher," which made headlines last year.But more recently, he's gotten in a bit of hot soup after posting a "workout video" of him lifting a Filipino man.SEE ALSO: Airbnb host banned after sending racist messages to Asian w
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Snapchat's finally offering more location data to advertisers

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Snap here. Snap there. Snap everywhere — especially in stores. Snapchat, the disappearing messaging turned mobile storytelling app, released a new ad product Wednesday that is a quick swipe at Facebook's big offer to advertisers and retailers: online to offline conversions.SEE ALSO: A mi
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Stop it with all the random 'National Day' hashtags already

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - I noticed something a bit strange as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed last weekend: I was being bombarded with unicorns. #BelieveinYOUnicorns was a top trending topic, and, after poking around, I found out I was late to the party to celebrate National Unicorn Day. SEE ALSO: Retro t
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Model shares photo of her cellulite on Instagram to show 'how bloody natural it is'

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - A British model has shared a photo of her cellulite on Instagram to show "it's nothing to be ashamed of" and that it's "bloody natural". SEE ALSO: Lena Dunham gives props to magazine for leaving her cellulite aloneModel and body positive activist Charli Howard, who's signed to agency Muse NYC
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