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Man discovers 36-year-old message in a bottle and the original writer is delighted

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Old school communication meets new school communication.Ryan Burchett found a message in a bottle last weekend on Little St. Simons in Georgia. The buoyant letter was 36 years ago and thanks to social media he was able to connect with the original sender.SEE ALSO: 99-million-year-old bird fossil ha
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This app will tell you which of your photos are actually good enough to post (which is both harsh and helpful)

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - It's a rare occasion when you take the perfect photo on the first try. Most likely, your camera roll is clogged with photos as you attempt to shoot that all-star selfie, picture at the concert, or snapshot of the new glow-in-the-dark donuts. But for all you accidental photo hoarders, photograp
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'Game of Thrones' new Season 7 trailer is cool as hell, because ICYMI, winter is here

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - A new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer has arrived just in time to celebrate Summer Solstice, because forget what the calendar says, winter is here. (Or it will be in a little under a month, at least.)The White Walkers were conspicuously absent in the first Season 7 trailer, but the new footage mor
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This famous YouTuber is making the leap into esports

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Shonduras, a high-profile content creator of Snapchat and YouTube fame, is tackling a brand new endeavor: running his very own esports team.He joins other sports and media celebrities who have made the jump into esports team ownership. Read more...More about Youtube, Gaming, Snapchat, Social Media,
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Instagram is still clobbering Snapchat, and it's worse than we thought

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Instagram Stories is still eating Snapchat alive, and we have fresh data to prove it. Instagram's Stories now have 250 million daily active users, up from 200 million in April, according to the company. At the same time, engagement with Snapchat Stories declined 50 percent in June compared wit
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Want to become a social media celeb? There's a college degree for that

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Wanna become an Instagram star? Now, you can get a formal education for that.A university in China is offering courses that are meant to equip students with the skills they need for online fame.SEE ALSO: Instagram influencers are utter nonsense, and Fyre Fest proves itFrom make-up classes, catwalk
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I can't be basic on Instagram anymore and it's all because of Stories

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Our Instagram Stories are awash with snapshots of our everyday lives. But, now that there's a hidden trove reserved for our most private — and dare-I-say basic — snaps. Instagram's already-very-high bar for posts has crept to a scary new height. SEE ALSO: Stop putting 'Stories' in
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Boomer Phelps' Instagram is the best thing about social media these days

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - If social media usage ever becomes an Olympic sport — which is truly not that unthinkable at the rate we’re moving — there will be but one participant worthy of a gold medal: Boomer Phelps.The one-year-old son of Olympic legend Michael Phelps and his wife, Nicole, first captu
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Twitter totally solves all of its problems with new profile photos

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Twitter finally made it happen. With a simple redesign, the beloved social media giant has solved all of its problems. You heard it here firstEvery. Single. One. Of. Them. SEE ALSO: Why all the cool kids are migrating to MastodonThe racism, sexism, harassment, bots, fake news, Donald Trump, an
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Twitter just changed almost every part of its iOS app

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Twitter just got a major facelift.The company just unveiled a series of changes, including a major overhaul of its iOS app, as well as changes to the look and feel of some of its most important features, like the reply button.SEE ALSO: Apple's iOS 11 will take Facebook and Twitter down a notchAmong
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In honor of Trump's birthday, we dug up his completely real MySpace profile

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - To acknowledge Donald Trump's 71st birthday, we decided the ultimate present would be to dig up his rarely seen and completely real* — honest — MySpace profile for everyone to enjoy.Sure, America knows 2017 Trump as somewhat of a Twitter snob — only communicating with his follower
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Say goodbye to those fake likes: Huge click farm discovered in Thailand

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Click farms — where low-paid workers are paid to spend their days clicking on content — have become a problem across the globe. Sometimes these farms manifest as rooms with hundreds if not thousands of phones, all at the ready for when a company pays for traffic.SEE ALSO: How to protect
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The only safe social network is the one that has no social component

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Social media is an ingrained part of modern life in 2017. Checking what's happening on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks throughout the day is a habit for millions of people, even if it's just to see how many likes that epic pic of your glow-in-the-dark donut is getting.SEE ALSO: Yes, the White
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Trump's tweets have already come back to haunt him in court

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Never Tweet: The 2017 American dystopia edition.President Donald Trump's inability to keep his Twitter fingers in his pockets just helped derail his attempt to enact a ban on travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim countries.SEE ALSO: Trumpniks have no defense for the James Comey
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The 'Covfefe Act' is now a thing that exists, because of course it does

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Today in "things we really wish didn't need to happen," Democratic Representative Mike Quigley has introduced the Covfefe Act. No, we're not kidding.The Illinois congressman shared a statement on his website on Monday morning explaining that the Presidential Records Act has been expanded to in
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Amber Rose's 'fire ass feminist post' too hot for Instagram

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Amber Rose wants to #bringbackthebush. So naturally, the activist and star posted a very NSFW photo of her pubic hair to Instagram on Friday night. SEE ALSO: J.K. Rowling just dropped a searing feminist tweetstorm everyone should readWearing her signature shades, a black coat, black bikin
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Teen conquers her biggest fear with radiant bathing suit Twitter post

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - A British teen took on one of her biggest fears with a single tweet and her response to her haters has been inspiring.SEE ALSO: We have a few questions about Dove's new 'body positive' soap bottles13-year-old Paris Harvey suffers from a metabolic condition that makes her put on weight quickly. She
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Facebook Live introduces closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing users

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Facebook just got a little more accessible for deaf and hard of hearing users.The social media giant is adding closed captioning capabilities to its Live product, USA Today reported Tuesday, allowing viewers to see automatically generated captions on broadcasts that show up in their News Feeds. To
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'Finstas' can be boring or funny or sexy — but they're always real

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - Don't believe everything you read about "finstas," the secret Instagram accounts currently puzzling the internet. Rumours swirl about teenagers sharing pics of sex and drugs on their finstas, but in reality, teens are using these accounts to show their real, authentic selves. And, they're actually
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Stop putting 'Stories' in every friggin' app

Odeslat cloumak78 on Sociální média - This needs to stop. Please make it stop.I'm not just talking about Trump making idiotic moves like pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. (There seems to be no stopping Mr. Tiny Hands from flipping the bird to everything that we hold dear.)No, I'm talking about apps shamefully ripping off Sna
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