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There's more to worry about at Etsy than just canceled internships

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - It's a weird time to be at Etsy — or not allowed to start there. The Brooklyn-based marketplace for handmade, unique, and artsy goods — once known as one of the best places to work in tech — replaced its CEO and laid off 8 percent of its staff in early May. Then this wee
| Add To just got a $30 million investment to expand petitions into real social movements

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - is getting some major support from tech billionaires to create real social movements. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is leading a $30 million funding round for the site in what he said in a post on LinkedIn was his largest personal impact investment to date. Bill Gates and Y
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Coke made a label that doubles as a wristband for music festivals

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Bottles of Coke could get Romanians into concerts this summer.The soda giant is printing detachable labels that double as festival wristbands to some of the country's biggest musical events. SEE ALSO: Why Warren Buffett is the new face of Coca-Cola in ChinaNot every bottle is a winner; drinker
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British Airways suffers major IT outage, cancels and delays flights worldwide

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Technology isn't going so well for British Airways. The airline suffered a major IT outage on Saturday and canceled all its flights leaving from London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports before 6 p.m. local time. Outside of London, British Airways passengers faced extreme delays and were stuck on
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Why a career change into teaching may be the best fit for you

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business -   The prospect of making a career move may seem intimidating at first, but you’d be surprised to learn that such a change is not only attainable, but happens far more often than you might expect — especially if you’re thinking about becoming a teacher.    
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Proč nemůžeme odejít ze vztahů, které nám ubližují

Odeslat admin on Osobní rozvoj - Podvádí Tě. Zraňuje Tě. Znehodnocuje Tě. Ty to víš. Víš, že Tě trápí. Každý Ti to říká. Ale Ty nedokážeš odejít. Když se Tě lidé ptají proč, ta odpověď se Ti sama dere na jazyk: „Miluji ho.“ Šílené! – uvědomuješ si. Jak mohu milovat někoho, kdo mě ničí? Jak s někým takovým mohu vůbec ma
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A wonky blog has become required reading in Trump's America

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Not many people can put the media world on edge with a four letter word. Such is the power, for now, of Benjamin Wittes. tick tick tick tick tick tick— Benjamin Wittes (@benjaminwittes) May 16, 2017Wittes, editor of the suddenly essential Lawfare blog, sent that tweet just before th
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Allergy reduction - Five suggestions For Fortifying Your Defenses

Odeslat guslin7787 on Zahraničí - Business - Problem posture is a main trigger for any number of common discomfort designs, like back discomfort, neck pain, and persistent headaches to title just a few.
If you are searching for a long phrase answer to your back issue, think about Chiropractic as your quantity 1 choice.
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Seattle - Bruce Lee - And Chiropractic background

Odeslat floragerra on Zahraničí - Business - However, the system does not come totally free but don't be concerned simply because it is at a very affordable rate.

It's especially useful for lengthy-standing, persistent well being problems. Crimson indicates we have to stop, unless we want to cause an accident and possibly get killed.
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It is really hard to be a farm-to-doorstep table food startup

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Sprig raised $45 million two years ago for its vision of providing healthy meals delivered quickly. The money made the San Francisco-based startup one of the biggest entrants into the burgeoning farm-to-doorstep food market. On Friday, the company announced that it is shutting down. "The
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5 ways to turn your setbacks into long-term success feat. Barbara Corcoran

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There's finally a federal bill to help workers in the gig economy

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - We know about the problems with the gig economy: workers who drive for Uber, deliver food for Postmates, and run errands on TaskRabbit don't have health insurance or any other guarantees or benefits from their employers — and their ranks are only growing. While the growth of gig jobs has
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Harvard newspaper hacked just to make fun of grad speaker Mark Zuckerberg

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Harvard dropout and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg found himself the subject of fake news on Thursday after the school's newspaper, The Harvard Crimson, was hacked.Instead of the Crimson's regularly planned special commencement issue, the website showcased some not so flattering photoshops and st
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Znenadání sám: Proč je to pro Tvé dobro?

Odeslat admin on Osobní rozvoj - Seděl na konci pláže, oblečený, zahloubaný. To lidé u moře nebývají – pokud ovšem nepřijedou sami tam, kam měli přijet ve dvou. „Potřeboval bych někoho, kdo mě obejme a řekne, že nejsem tak bezcenný, jak si o sobě právě myslím.“ Rozuměl jsem jeho pocitům. Člověk si nikdy neuvědomí, jak
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Another social media marketing campaign just went horribly wrong

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - What started innocently enough as a giveaway of free soccer tickets to the UEFA Champions League final took a turn for the worse thanks to a handful of online trolls.SEE ALSO: Pepsi pulls cringeworthy Kendall Jenner ad after massive backlashWalkers, the snack company that brings the UK its flavored
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Target pours money into mattress startup Casper after sale falls through

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Target is betting big on mattresses in the mail.The big box chain is investing $75 million in bedding delivery startup Casper as it looks to bolster its e-commerce offerings in the face of the tanking brick-and-mortar market, Recode reported Thursday.A source familiar with the deal confirmed that a
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Lyft finally gets around to trying out black cars with Lyft Lux

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Five years later, Lyft is finally competing with Uber's roots. The No. 2 ride-hailing company on Thursday launched Lyft Lux, its version of premium black car rides — the service that Uber launched with in 2009, but that Lyft never really tried out after it launched in 2012. "You do
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Save the Children pulls an Amazon with Dash-like button to collect donations

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - Save the Children knows that donating money isn't as alluring as online shopping. So the UK-based children's charity is taking a page from Amazon and using the online shopping company's Dash button concept to make giving donations as easy as, well, pushing a button.Teaming up with marketing incubat
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„Zbav mě mých duchů“ aneb Jak unést špatnou minulost partnera

Odeslat admin on Osobní rozvoj - Všichni děláme chyby. Všichni. Kdo chyby nedělá, je robot. Všichni za své chyby také platíme. To je normální. Co však není normální: když za jednu chybu, ze které jsme se navíc ponaučili, platíme celý život. Ona za ni platila. A nejen ona, také on, který tolik chtěl najít k ní cestu. Ale nevěděl ja
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Bernie Sanders slams Trumpcare in just 3 words

Odeslat LehoJ on Zahraničí - Business - The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its newest findings on the American Health Care Act and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was having none of it. The CBO's latest report notes that 23 million people would lose health insurance coverage within the next ten years thanks to the bill the U
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